*   Name: Gad Mohamed El-Qady

*   Position: Professor of Geophysics, President of NRIAG

*   Email: gadosan@nriag.sci.eg

*   Phone: +201001547090

Scientific Publication (National& International)

1-       Abdel Zaher M. , Elbarbary S., Sultan S.A., El-Qady G., Ismail A., Takla E.M.2018, Crustal thermal structure of the Farafra oasis, Egypt, based on airborne potential field data , Geothermics 75 , 220–234.

2-       IM Ibraheem, EA Elawadi, GM El-Qady, 2018, Structural interpretation of aeromagnetic data for the Wadi El Natrun area, northwestern desert, Egypt. Journal of African Earth Sciences 139, 14-25

3-       AhmedGaber, Gad El-Qady, Ashraf Khozym, Tareq Abdallatif, Sherif A.M.Kamal, 2018, Indirect preservation of Egyptian historical sites using 3D GPR survey. The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science Volume 21, Supplement 1, July 2018, Pages S75-S84

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

1.      NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics, ISSN:  2090-9977, Publisher: Elsevier

2.      African Journal of Earth Science, ISSN: 1464-343X, Publisher: Elsevier

3.      Geophysical Journal International, ISSN 0956-540X, Publisher: Oxford Acadamy 

4.      Arabian Journal of Geosciences, ISSN:  866-7511, Publisher: Springer

Conferences , Scientific Missions

& Workshops

I have been involved in Organization, presentation and participation of many conferences, workshops and training courses as follow:

1.      ECOMINEX 2018: Ain Shams university (2018)

2.      EGS 33th annual meeting, April 2018.

3.      Training workshop on Heritage sites, exploration and preservation. May 5-10, 2018 Misallat Observatory NRIAG, Fayoum.

4.      The Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics 6th Assembly (15-17 October 2018).

5.      STS forum, Oct. 2018, Kyoto Japan

6.      ICEF forum, Oct 2018, Tokyo, Japan

7.      The 8th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (ICWRAE 8).


Team member of the project: Study of Hawara Pyramids to reduce the underground water

Co- PI of project entitled “Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Farafra Oasis, Egypt” Funded by Academy of Egypt. From August 2017 to December 2019. (Project ID: 1351).


Manage and supervise all the consultation of the Geomagnetic and Geoelectric Dept. during 2018.

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

Supervision of 4 PDH ( one at Alexandria Univ + 2 at Damietta University+ 1 at Ain shams Univ)

Supervision of 1 Master (Mansoura University)


1-      Archaeogeophysics: state of the art and case studies, Editors: Gad El-Qady and M.Metwaly, 2018, Springer Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

2-      Ibraheem I.M., El-Qady G. (2018) Hydrogeophysical Investigations at El-Nubariya-Wadi El-Natrun Area, West Nile Delta, Egypt. In:  The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/698_2017_154.


-          Established of Geothermal Energy &Well logging Research Unit in the Laboratory of Geoelectric and Geothermics, Department of Geomagnetic and Geoelectric.

-          Membership of committees:

1- Scientific and Cultural Relations committee.

2- International relations committee.

3. The Strategic Planning Committee.

4-Publishing Committee (Editorial office of NRIAG journal)