Astronomy Department:

  •  Stellar Lab.

         – Spectroscopy and stellar atmospheres unit.

         – Celestial mechanics unit.

         – Variable stars unit.

  •  Galaxy Lab. 

         – Galaxy and extra-galaxies unit.

         – Stellar clusters unit.

         – Sky light unit. 

  •  Theoretical astro & high-energy Lab.

         – High-energy physics unit.

        – Space observations analysis unit.

        – Cosmology and general relativity unit.


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Prof. Ashraf Latif Tadross Head of Astronomy Department, - Awarded the “Encouragement Country Prize” in Physics in 2009. - Awarded the prize by the name of “Prof. Mahmod Khairy Ali” in Astronomical science in 2005 and 2015. • Member of the International Astronomy Union IAU. • Member of the Scientific Society of Astronomy and Space. • Member of the National Committee for Astronomy. • Member of the Syndicate of Scientific Professions. - He belongs to the school of the open star clusters and Galactic structure. - He studied more than 400 stellar clusters in our Galaxy for the first time. - He has more than 30 papers in international journals, and more than 200 of citations. - He is a referee in five international journals. - He established the new laboratory in Astronomy Department named "Theoretical astronomy and high energies lab". - He established the page of "Kottamia Astronomical Observatory" on the Facebook site, to be a liaison between the department and the public and the amateurs, which describes and explains all that things and the events related to astronomy and space. He is an author in simplifying astronomical sciences: - To the moon on Apollo wings... - Go back to the moon... - Space that world unknown... - Stars between facts and myths... - Space shuttle between success and failure... - Entries in the astronomical culture...


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