Prof. Essam Ghamry and Dr Mahmoud Samy were attended the Coordinators’ Meeting on Belt and Road Seismic Risk Reduction organized by China Earthquake Administration (CEA) from June 11 to 12 in Beijing
Also, in connection to the coordinators’ Meeting on Belt and Road Seismic Risk Reduction, China Seismic Experimental Site CSES organized the Belt and Road International workshop on Seismic Experimental Sites, on June 13 in the Hall of Science and Technology. Ghamry and Samy with experts from Algeria, Armenia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Uzebikistan, and Asian Seismological Commission (ASC) attended the Workshop with active communication and discussion.The workshop introduced the recent development of CSES and discussed prospective international cooperation associated with seismic Experimental sites. The presentations during the workshop highlighted the scientific challenges, conceptual design, scientific products, and interdisciplinary cooperation of CSES
Moreover, Prof. Essam and Dr Mahmoud have been visited the SuperMap company in Beijing. SuperMap is one of the global IT enterprises and is a leading provider of GIS (Geographic Information System) software products and services in Asia.