Name: Abd El-Aziz Khairy

Position: Professor.                                                           


Phone: 00201120108867

Scientific Publication (National& International)

1- Abd el-aal A.K., Mostafa S., and Abdelhafez H. E., 2018. Review of the Seismotectonic Setting of the Gulf of Aqaba with Respect to the 27 June 2015 and the 16 May 2016 Earthquake Sequences. Pure and Applied Geophysics, doi: 10.1007/s00024-018-2024-5.

2- Abd el-aal A.K., 2018. New relationship between fundamental site frequency and thickness of soft sediments from seismic ambient noise. journal of seismology, doi: 10.1007/s10950-018-9753-x.

3- Abdrabou G., and Abd el-aal A.K., 2018. Present Kinematic Regime and Recent Seismicity of Gulf Suez, Egypt. Geotectonics, doi: 10.1134/S0016852118010119.

4- Mostafa S., Abd el-aal A.K. and El-Eraki M., 2018. Multi-scenario seismic hazard assessment for Egypt. journal of seismology, doi: 10.1007/s10950-018-9728-y

5- Abd el-aal A.K., and Abdelhafez H. E., 2018. Strength and ductility level earthquake design for Gulf of Suez oil platforms. journal of seismology, doi: 10.1007/s10950-018-9801-6.

Teaching in Universities 

Geology Department, faculty of science, El-Monfiya university

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

Geophysical Prospecting Journal

Pure and Applied Geophysics.

Geodynamics Journal

African earth science journal

Arabian Journal of Geoscience

Journal of Seismology

NRIAG Journal


Conferences, Scientific Missions

& Workshops

1- African Seismological Commission Conference 2018 (ASC 2018) Morocco, April 2018.

2- European Seismological Commission Conference 2018 (ESC 2018) Malta, September 2018.

3- 6th Arab Conferences of Astronomy and Geophysics (ACAG-6).


1- Co-PI of Seismic Risk Assessment of Wind Turbine Towers in Zafarana Wind Farm Egypt project, STDF.

2- Co-PI of detecting joints and fractures at Wadi Hoof caves project. NRIAG, 2018.

3- Co-PI of Seismic Hazard Assessment for Ataqa PUMPED STORAGE POWER PLANT (Ataqa PSPP) Site. NRIAG, 2018.


Consultant for all the projects and Technical Consultancy of Egyptian National Seismic Network (ENSN).

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

Doctoral Supervision

1- Hazem Badreldin PhD under title “Multi-approaches seismic hazard analyses in Egypt”. Ain Shams University.

2- Hamada Saadalla PhD under title “Simulation and source characterization of earthquakes around Nasser Lake, Aswan region, Egypt”. Aswan University.

Master Supervision

1- Ramadan Doseoky under the title “A Seismic data quality control for the Egyptian National Seismic Network”. El-Mansoura University. Faculty of engineering.

2- Eman Hamid, under the title “Economic Management of Groundwater and Desalinized Water for Human Use in Coastal Areas-Egypt. Tanta Univesity, faculty of science.


Book: “Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions”.  Publisher: Springer 2018.

The chapter title "New Relationship between Fundamental Site Frequency and Thickness of Soft Sediments from Seismic Ambient Noise. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-70548-4_544



1- Local organizer of Workshop on the microtremor HVSR method and its applications.  Prof. Dr. Yutaka Nakamura. 20-21 Oct. 2018.

2- Local organizer of Second International School on Advanced Modeling of Seismic Hazard in Africa, 17-18 Oct. 2018

3- Local organizer for the Sudanese trainers and training course in November 2018.