Name: Ahmed El Kotb El Emam

Position: Associate Professor                                                   


Phone: 00201002749780


, Scientific


& Workshops

The Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics (Sixth Assembly).











1 Detection  of   ancient   Egyptian  archaeological  remains  using   modern  integrated  geophysical investigations and the application of 3D Laser scanner for Archaeolgical replica: Pyramid of Senusret II area, Lahun, Fayum, Egypt (STDF- Continuous)

2 Exploration of Economic Minerals (Gold, Iron &, Copper) using Geophysical Techniques in South Eastern Desert, Egypt; Pilot areas: Eastern part of Aswan and Wadi Allaqi. (STDF- Continuous)

3 Construction of Interactive Maps of The Archaeological Ruins in the Valley of the Golden Mummies (VGM), Bahariya Oasis, Egypt. (STDF- Approved through 2018)

4-  Evaluation of Nile Delta, Egypt Sinking Hypothesis using the Global Positioning System(GPS),Tide Gauge and Satellite Altimetry and Gravity Techniques (P.I). (STDF- Approved through 2018)


Magnetic interpretation on the Capital City to emphasis its shallow subsurface structures

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

Hosam Hassan (M.Sc.). Integrating magnetotelluric data with simultaneous magnetic observatory records to improve crustal study using telluric recordings.


Geomagnetism Exploration of the Egyptian Archaeology: Thirty-Years of Success and Challenges. (Chapter 7), T Abdallatif, HH Odah, AE El Emam, A Mohsen, Archaeogeophysics, 137-168


Administrative Assistances including:-

- Involvement in most tenders for buying the equipment required for the Lab. and the Department.

- Attendance most the Lab. And Department meetings.