Name: Essam Mohamed Ibrahim Ghamry

Position: Professor                                                           


Phone: 00201007185908

Scientific Publication (National& International)

Characteristics of Sudden Commencements Observed by Van Allen Probes in the Inner Magnetosphere, J. Geophys. Res. V.123, pp. 1295-1304, 2018

Teaching in


Helwan University

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

1 Journal of Atmospheric and Solar‐Terrestrial Physics (Impact Factor= 1.4)

2 Earth, Planets and Space (Impact factor = 2.2)

3 NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics


, Scientific


& Workshops

The 12th International Geoscience Conference, February 4-7, 2018, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Member at STDF project 2018: Title: “Exploration of Economic Minerals (Gold, Iron &, Copper) using Geophysical Techniques in South Eastern Desert, Egypt; Pilot areas: Eastern part of Aswan and Wadi Allaqi”

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

PhD student at Fayoum Univ.

MSc student at Cairo Univ


Giving a lecture at Cairo University on Space Geophysics