Name: Magdy Rabie Sanad 

Position: Professor

Email: and  

Phone: 01283880567 

Scientific Publication (National & International)

1- Sanad, M. R., Abdel Sabour, M. A., (2018). Ultraviolet Spectral Behaviour of TV Col During and After Flaring Activity. AstBu, 73, 77

2- Hamed, G. M., Sanad, M. R., Yousef, S., Essam, A., El Rafy, M., (2018). Spectral evolution of the two classical novae PW Vul and V1668 Cyg using International Ultraviolet Explorer low-resolution spectra. AN, 339, 173

3- Hamed, G. M., Sanad, M. R., Yousef, S., Essam, A., (2018). Ultraviolet Spectral Evolution of V1974 Cyg Using IUE Low Resolution Spectra. Ap, 61, 91

Reviews of Papers (National & International)

1- International Journal of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science.

2- International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal.

3- NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics.

Conferences, Scientific Missions

& Workshops

1. Arabic Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics, sixth Assembly (ACAG6), 15-17 October, 2018, NRIAG, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt.

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

PhD Supervision:

Gamal Al Din Mohamed, Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Title: Studying Spectral Behavior, Accretion Processes and Photometric Behavior of Some Binary stars in the Ultraviolet and optical Regions.