Name: Mahmoud Mohamed Mekkawi

Position: Professor                                                           


Phone: 00201225230945

Scientific Publication (National& International)

1-  Three Dimensional Modelling of Kharga Reservoir Water, New Valley- Egypt, Using Magnetotelluric Data.J Geol Geophys 2018, 7:1 DOI: 10.4172/2381-8719.1000318.

2-  Implementation of Magnetic and Gravity Methods to delineate the Subsurface Structural Features of the Basement Complex in Central Sinai Area, Egypt. J. of Astro Geophys, 7 (2018) 162–174

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

 (3) Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics

 (1) Journal of Applied Geophysics.

 (1)International Scholars Journal (ISJ)


, Scientific


& Workshops

1- The 12th international Geological Conf. held in Gaddah- Saudia. 28 Feb to 4 March (2018) title: Seismic Risk Zones and Faults characterization using Geophysical Data.

2- The 1st conf. Arab. J. Geoscience 12-15 Sept. (2018). Title: The mineral exploration of the iron ore deposits in the eastern Aswan-Egypt, by using geophysical techniques


1-Exploration of Economic Minerals (Gold, Iron &, Copper) using Geophysical Techniques in South Eastern Desert, Egypt; Pilot areas: Eastern part of Aswan and Wadi Allaqi. (STDF-2018)


1-Magnetic interpretation on the Capital City to emphasis its shallow subsurface structures



Magnetotelluric studies along active Fault Zones. Lambert Academic Publication.

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

1-   Mohamed Kamal Mohamed (MSc). Aswan univ., Faculty of Science. Title: Explorationof Iron Ore Deposits using geological and Geophysical data at Abu Subeira area, East Aswan, Egypt.

2-   Mahmoud Yahia Abdel Hamed (MSc), Ain Shams Univ. Faculty of Science. Title: Joint Use of Electromagnetic Induction and Magnetic Techniques for Subsurface Imaging at Ain Sokhna–Galala Sector, Gulf-of- Suez, Egypt.

3-   Mohamed Ezz (PhD), Cairo Univ., Faculty of science. Title: Geophysical and geochemistry studies at Wadi Allaqi area, south eastern eesert-Egypt.