Name: Mohamed Mostafa Abdelmohsen Khalifa

Position: Assistant Researcher(MSc. Student)


Phone: 00201289388711










, Scientific





Maha Abdelazeem, Mohamed Fathy, Zenhom Salem, and Mohamed Khalifa, 2018. Hydrogeochemical and Geophysical Studies On the Shallow Groundwater Aquifer at New Galala City, Northern Galala Plateau, Egypt. ACAG-6, Abstract book of the 6th Arabian Conference of Astronomy and Geophysics, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt, 15-17 October, 2018

Salem Z., Abdelazeem M., Fathy M. and Khalifa M., 2018. Sedimentological, Hydrogeochemical and Geophysical characteristics of the shallow groundwater aquifers at wadi Araba area, Western Gulf of Suez, Egypt. ISG-10 Tenth International Symposium On Geophysics, Tanta University, 20th to 21st November 2018. (Best paper prize)

Maha Abdelazeem, Mohamed Fathy, Zenhom Salem, Mohamed Khalifa, 2018. Hydrogeochemical and geophysical stdies on the shallow groundwater aquifer ay new Galala city, northern Galala plateau (Egypt). Extended Abstract in proceeding of 1st Conference of Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Tunisia, Hammamat, 12-15 Nov 2018.

Salem Z., Abdelazeem M., Fathy M. and Khalifa M., 2018. Implication of magnetic method to delineate the subsurface structural features of lithologic succession in the area around the Galala city northern Galala plateau (Egypt). EGS March, 2018. (Best paper prize)













1- Implementation of the Geosciences to Construct the New Desert Urban, Site Management, and Distribute Resources; Pilot area: Moghra Oasis, Qattara Depression. ID: 15239 Financed by the STDF (Science & Tecnology Development Fund, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).

2- Detection of ancient Egyptian archaeological remains using modern integrated geophysical investigations and the application of 3D Laser scanner for Archaeological replica: Pyramid of Senusret II area, Lahun, Fayum, Egypt (AST- Continuous-2018).

3- Hazard Assessment Due To Earthquakes In Southern Sinai Peninsula, Extensions Around The Capital Cairo And Suez Canal Areas, Egypt'' project ID: 5518. Just will be start this year 2014 from STDF, Egypt

4- Construction of Interactive Maps of The Archaeological Ruins in the Valley of the Golden Mummies (VGM), Bahariya Oasis, Egypt. (STDF- Approved through 2018)






-          Magnetotulleric survey in Aswan and Abu Simble

-          Geophysical survey, magnetic and magnetotulleric in El Ain Sokhna area

-          Geoelectrical work in New capital city

-          Magnetotulleric survey in Assuit city

-          Magnetic and magnetotulleric survey in Marsa Matroh, Sinai, Red Sea