Name: Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa

Position: Professor Emeritus                                                        


Phone: 00201090605189


Scientific Publication (National

& International)

1-      Abdel Zaher M. , Elbarbary S., Sultan S.A., El-Qady G., Ismail A.,

Takla E.M.2018, Crustal thermal structure of the Farafra oasis, Egypt, based on airborne potential field data , Geothermics 75 , 220–234.

2-      Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa, Shokry A. Soliman , Ahmed El Khafif,

Abdellatif Younis, T.F. Shazley: Environmental investigation using geophysical data at East Sadat City, Egypt, Egyptian Journal of Petroleum 28 , 117–125.

Teaching in Universities 

Teaching course of title “Applied geophysics” for the under gradual students 2nd Year , of geology department, Faculty of science, Ain Shams University, 2018 and 2019

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

Revised some international Papers

Conferences , Scientific Missions

& Workshops

·   12th  Internal geological conference which held in Jedda from 4-7 Feb, 2018 with orak 3 representations  of tiltes (Exploration of ore deposits by using geophysical tools at Wadi El-Bedda, South Esatern Desert, Egypt}, (ORE MINERAL INVESTIGATION BY USING MAGNETITE AND GEO-ELECTRIC DATA: STUDY CASE, MANGANESE-IRON ORE IN WADI AL SAHU, EAST SINAI, EGYPT), (Integrated geophysical interpretation for Nubian Sandstone aquifers at central part of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.)

·   The Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics 6th Assmbely (15-17 October 2018)

·   The 8th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (ICWRAE 8)


-Co-PI for  STDF project of ID no.5518 of title : Hazard assessment due to earthquakes in southern Sinai Peninsula, extension around the Captial Cairo and Suez Canal areas.

-Co-PI for  STDF project of ID no 5758 pf title : Explration and evalution of the Manganse, sulphides and copper ore mineral at Abu Zneima, Wadi Saal and Sarabet El Khadim areas, southern Sinai.

-Co-PI for  STDF project of ID no    of title : Explration of economic minerals ( Gold, Iron and Copper) using geophysical techniques in southeastern Desert , Egypt, Pilot areas, eastern part of Aswan and Wadi Al Allaqi.

Co-PI for  STDF project of ID no15239 of title : Implementation of geosciences to construct the new desert urban , site mangment and distribute resources, pilot area , Moghora Oasis, Qattara depression .


- Consultant for Geophysical applications in National Authority for Remote Sensing & Apace Science.

- Consltant at UNESCO Office in Cairo  from 2002-2006 for the interpretation of  gravity and magnetic data.

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

Several MSc and PhD Students


1- published one chaper of title " Groundwater Management by Using Hydro-Geophysical Investigation: Case Study: An Area Located at North Abu Zabal City" in book title Hydrogeology A Global Perspective, Edited by Gholam A. Kazemi p. cm. ISBN 978-953-51-0048-5, INTECHWEB.ORG.

2-Publishing Chapter of title Gravity application for delineating subsurface structures at different localities in Egypt on book title Gravity - Geoscience Applications, Industrial Technology and Quantum Aspect,  DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.71492



3-       Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa, Mohamed El-bohoty, M. Abou Heleika, Mahmoud Mekkawi, Enas M. Abd EL-Razek, 2018 : Implementation of magnetic and gravity methods to delineate the subsurface structural features of the basement complex in central Sinai area, Egypt NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics, In press