Name: Taha Tawfik Taha Rabeh

Position: Professor


Phone: 00201119373310

Scientific Publication (National& International)

Taha Rabeh, Kamal Ali, Sayed Bedair, Mervat A. Sadik and Ahmed Ismail, 2018: Exploration and evaluation of potential groundwater aquifers and subsurface structures at Beni Suef Area in Southern

Egypt, Journal of African Earth Sciences, under publication

Taha Rabeh, Sayed Bedair, and Mohamed Abd El Zaher, 2018: Integration of geophysical tools for delineating structures controlling the groundwater reservoirs at Baharia Oasis, Western Desesrt, Egypt, Journal of Geosciences,

Reviews of Papers (National& International)

Journal of Geophysics and Engineering

Journal of African Earth Sciences


Conferences , Scientific Missions

& Workshops

The annual union meeting for Chinese in geoscience, 20-24 October, Beijing, China, 2018:


Taha Rabeh, 2018: New results for tectonics in Sinai Peninsula


1- ''Hazard Assessment Due To Earthquakes In Southern Sinai Peninsula, Extensions Around The Capital Cairo And Suez Canal Areas, Egypt'' project ID: 5518. Just will be start this year 2014 from STDF, Egypt. PI Taha Rabeh

2- ''Exploration and evaluation of the Manganese, Sulphide and copper ore minerals at Abu Zneima, Wadi Saal and Sarabit El Khadim areas, Southern Sinai Peninsula''. project ID: 5758. from STDF, Egypt. PI Taha Rabeh


4 projects and for LNEG

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

4 Master degree and 4 PhD degree Thesis


"Evaluation the tectonics of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt" written by Taha Rabeh is accepted for publishing in the book "Tectonics", ISBN 978-953-307-545-7, published by INTECH.


Attendance of "plagiarism" course in Zagazig University.

Attendance of 7th Space weather summer school in Egyptian metrological Authority.

Attendance of "scientific publication" course in NRIAG