Name: Usama Saad Abdelhamid Massoud   

Position: Professor            


  Phone: 002 0100 755 3062


Scientific Publication (National& International)

The mineral exploration of the iron ore deposits in the eastern Aswan Egypt, by using geophysical techniques. Extended Abstract, 1st conference of the Arabian journal of Geosciences, 12-15 November 2018, HAMMAMET-Tunisia.

Mahmoud M. Mekkawi, Sultan A. Sultan, Ayman T. Ismail, Abbas M., Ahmed I. Qutb, Usama Massoud, Mohamed Abdel Sabour

Reviews of Papers (National

& International)

1-Time Domain Electromagnetic Exploration for the Groundwater at West Dayrout

Area, Asyut Governorate, Egypt. NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics.

2-Integration of Non-Intrusive Self-Potential (SP) and Electrical Resistivity (ER) for Water Flow Mapping. NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics.

Conferences, Scientific Missions

& Workshops


1- Attendance:  EGS 33th annual meeting, April 2018.

2- Attendance +Paper: ACAG-6, NRIAG October 2018.

3- Attendance + the best Paper: ISG-10, Faculty of Science Tanta University, November 2018.





1-   Assessment of geothermal resources in Farafra Oasis.

2-   Geophysical exploration of iron ore deposits at Wadi Abu Subeira-Aswan.


1-Geophysical assessment of subsoil conditions at Baron Palace.

2-Investigation of subsurface succession and the probable faults at the Icon Towers site, New Administrative Capital Egypt.

3-Investigation of the possible causes of cave (Magharat) collapse at Wadi Hof military area.

4- Evaluation of groundwater potentiality at Abu Zenima Area-Sinai.

Supervision of

M.Sc. / Ph.D.

1-   Investigation of groundwater occurrences and sources for potential pollution at El-Obour City, Egypt: Integrated geophysical and hydrogeochemical approaches. Ph. D. Thesis (Fac. Sci. Tanta University).

2-    Ground water Assessment in the area between 10th of Ramadan and Belbies cities, using geophysical techniques for Developmental Purposes. Ph. D. Thesis (Fac. Sci. Mansoura University).


1-   Papers in progress

a- Delineation of impervious clayey layer around the waste water ponds at the 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt by 2D ERT/IP survey.

Usama Massoud , Hany  Mesbah, Abbas M. Abbas, El Said Ragab, Diaa E. Hamed,, Wael Ragab, Ibrahim Darweesh

b- Investigation of Groundwater Occurrences at Abu Zenima Area-Sinai by DC Resistivity and Transient Electromagnetic Methods.

Usama Massoud, Aiman Taha, Abbas M. Abbas, Hany Shaaban, M. Abdel Sabour, Ahmed Mahmoud

c- Joint modeling of DC resistivity and transient electromagnetic methods for stratigraphic mapping and groundwater exploration, north Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt. , Genedi M., Ghazala H., Kamel A. and Massoud U

2- Member of the Quality Assurance Committee of NRIAG.

3- Member of NRIAG Conference Committee 2018.