Geomagnetism Lab.

Geomagnetic Observatories

There are two geomagnetic observatories in Egypt belong to NRIAG. The first one is Misallat observatory located at Fayoum Governorate while the second one is Abu Simbel observatory located in Abu Simble city. Misallat and Abu Simbel provide us real-time data for the geomagnetic field. These data are very important for studying the geomagnetic activities and space weather studies such as magnetic storms (Fig.1), substorms and geomagnetic pulsations (Fig.2), see Ghamry et al. 2015; Ghamry et al. 2016. Also, Egyptian observatories are used for simultaneous observations of such geomagnetic activities on the ground and in space using satellites as shown in Figure 3 (Ghamry, 2015). Moreover, Misallat and Abu Simbel adequate for the reduction of the geomagnetic surveys in the northern and southern part of Egypt, respectively.

Fig.1 Phases of a magnetic storm
Fig. 2 (a) Auroral electrojet indices AE and AL and (b) Pi2 pulsation seen at X-component measured at Abu Simbel from 05:30 UT until 06:00 UT on December 8, 2012. (c) Frequency–time display of Power Spectral Density (PSD) of X-component measured at Abu Simbel. LT indicates local time.
Fig. 3 Pi2 pulsations comparison of (a) X-component measured at Abu Simbel station, (b) δBz measured by VAP-B satellite, and (c) δBz measured by VAP-A satellite from 05:30 UT to 06:00 UT on December 8, 2012.