Board of Directors

  • Prof. Dr.Hatem Hamdy Ouda, Head of the board of directors, president of NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr.Hesham Hussien Mousa,Vice president for scientific relations of NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. El Said Ahmad Ragab, Vice president for financial and administrative affairs, NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. Samir Ryad Ismail, professor of geophysics, Faculty of science, Assiut University

  • Prof. Dr. Mostafa Kamel Ghamrawi, professor of Engineering – Faculty of engineering, Al –Azhar University

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamad Medhat Mokhtar, President of the national authority of remote sensing and space sciences

  • Prof. Dr. Maher Abdelfattah Mesbah, President of Suez University

  • Prof. Dr. Mostafa Madboly, Minister of Housing and Construction

  • Eng. Mohamad Ibrahim Shehata, Head of the general authority of the high dam

  • Geophysicist Samir Abdelmoaty Abdulkhalek, Consultant of Oil Exploration

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamad Mohamad Mostafa Behery, professor of solar physics, faculty of science, Al-Azhar Univesity

  • Prof. Dr. Awad El Sayed  Mohamad Ismail, Head of department of seismology, NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. Gad El Qady, Head of department of geomagnetism and geoelectric, NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. Kamal Sakar, Head of deparment of geodynamics, NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. Makram Ibrahim, Head of department of solar and space research, NRIAG

  • Prof. Dr. Ashraf Latif Tadrus, Head of department of astronomy, NRIAG

  • Mr. Abdelghani , Secretary General, NRIAG