Friday, July 20, 2018

Message of NRIAG president

Welcome to the website of NRIAG!

NRIAG is a national astronomical, geophysical and environmental sciences research establishment with more than 110 years of successful history, making it the oldest research institute in North Africa.
Being dedicated to exploring the Earth and universe, we are focused at providing the needs of our researchers of, up to date, precise technologies to meet the modern scientific challenges of our fields of specialization. The research facilities of NRIAG spread all over Egypt, powered by more than 300 researchers covering every task of astronomy and geophysics.

Moreover, we managed to build a worldwide cooperation network with distinguished international institutions and universities. Numerous projects and studies are completed in collaboration with national and international academic partners which qualify the staff of NRIAG for the highest level of applications.
Although it brings me a proudness to be at the lead of NRIAG, it remains a stressing responsibility to keep the institute and its staff in progress with respect to all aspects of specialization.
If you are a research institute, university, or an individual that think you might conduct any activity in partnership with NRIAG, the website will help you to find the way to start.
Thank you for visiting our website, which I believe truly reflects the qualification, professionalism and vibrancy of NRIAG.

Prof. Dr. Hatem Odah

Astronomy News

خسوف القمر الكلي

الجمعة 27 يوليو 2018: خسوفا كليا للقمر - اي بعد اسبوعين تماما من كسوف الشمس السابق .. وهو الخسوف الكلي الثاني للقمر خلال عام...

Solar and Space News

Seminar on the vision of the Ramadan’s “Helal”

Seminar will take place at National Reserach Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (Medwar Hall) on the next Sunday (6/5/2018) . Prof. Dr.  Usama Rahoma  Prof.  of  Solar...

Seismology News

Earthquake Alert

Our phone system is being updated and this may affect in our phone numbers , In case of feeling any earthquake please don't hesitate to...

Geomagnetic and Geoelectric

Congratulation to Dr. Mamdouh Soliman

Congratulation to Dr. Mamdouh Soliman to be promoted for Full professor in Geophysics.

إعلان لشغل وظيفة الأمين العام بالمعهد القومي للبحوث الفلكية و الجيوفيزيقية

لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الدخول على صفحة الإعلان