Smart Green Projects InitiativeSpace Technology and its ApplicationsThe Third Advanced ArAS School for Astrophysics.يوم المرأة العالمى فى الفلكهلال شهر رمضان بين الرؤية العلمية والرؤية البصريةندوة يابانية مصرية مشركة حول التكنولوجيا المتقدمة فى تقدير المخاطر الزلزاليةهزة أرضية علي بعد 27 كم شمال مدينة السويس ودرجة قوته 4.1 ريختر وعلي عمق 10كمزلزال تركيا وسوريا ونظرة شمولية على مصر و الشرق الأوسطزلزال تركيا وسوريا ونظرة شمولية على مصر و الشرق الأوسطنفى المعهد القومى للبحوث الفلكية و الجيوفيزيقية تعرض مصر لتسونامى و زلزال مدمر خلال الايام المقبلةوزير التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي يرأس اجتماع مجلس إدارة المعهد القومي للبحوث الفلكية والجيوفيزيقيةبرعاية وزير التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي تنظيم ورشة عمل حول “تصنيع النموذج الأول من المحول الرقمي التخزيني في منظومة رصد الزلازل”برعاية وزير التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي.. افتتاح أعمال المؤتمر الإقليمي السادس لعلوم الفلك والفضاء بالشرق الأوسط وإفريقياتغطية خاصة لزلزال تركيا و سورياLOOKING BEYOND ITALIAN SPACE DAYيوم الفضاء العالميSecond Advanced ArAS School for AstrophysicsName Exo Worlds“ندوة بعنوان”المُناخ ما بين الطبيعة الأرضية والفلك (هموم وحلول)إكتشاف نجمًا متغيرًا جديدًا لفريق بحثى بالمعهد

Stellar Astronomy Laboratory

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The Stellar Astronomy Laboratory is a lab of the Department of Astronomy of the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics.
The area of stellar astronomy deals with the study of the birth, formation, and evolution of stars and of the mechanisms (nuclear, atmospheric, or external encounters with companions or other objects).
Research topics in the stellar astronomy laboratory aim to study:

  • Binary stars (e. g. eclipsing, pulsating, Cataclysmic, and visual binaries).
  • Modeling stellar atmospheres of normal and high-density stars
  • Stellar evolution and formations.
  • Dynamics of stars and stellar systems.
  • Celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy.
  • Applications of soft computing in astronomy.

Dr. Elbaz  I. Abouelmagd

Head of Stellar Astronomy Lab



    Members of Stellar Astronomy Laboratory

    Mohamed Nouh
    Prof. Drabdo_nouh@hotmail.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Said Abo el ella
    Prof. Dr.Astrophysics
    Nabil Shokry Awadalla

    Prof. Dr.snawadalla@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Magdy Abd El Malek Hanna

    Prof. Dr.magdyh_nriag06@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Somaya Saad Mohamed Saad

    Prof. Dr.saadmhsaad@gmail.comAstrophysics
    Ahmed Essam Elsayed Mohamed
    Prof. Dr.essam60@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Hadia Hassan Seliem

    Prof. Dr.
    hassanselim@yahoo.comCelestial Mechamics
    FarouK Abd el Badeaa
    Assoc. Prof.Astrophysics
    Magdy Mahrous Elkhateeb

    Prof. Dr.cairo_egypt10@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Abdelnabi Saad SaadProf. Dr.saad6511@gmail.comCelestial Mechamics
    Magdy Rabie Sanad

    Prof. Dr.mrsanad1@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Abdelsabour AbdellatifProf. Dr.sabourabdellatif@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Yosry Ahmed Azzam
    Prof. Astrophysics
    Farag Ebrahim Uones
    Assoc. Astrophysics
    Waleed Hamdy ElsanhouryAssoc. Prof.welsanhoury@gmail.comAstrophysics
    Elbaz Aboelmagd
    Assoc. Prof.eabouelmagd@gmail.comCelestial Mechamics
    Nasr Mahrous Ahmed
    Assoc. Prof.gravitation300@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Nihad Saad Abd El Motelp
    Researcher nihad.saad@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Ghada Farouk

    Researcher ghfm2006@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mohamad Ahmad El- Khamisy
    Researcher lkhmsy@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mahmoud Hassan

    Researcher arl_mahmoud@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Ibrahim Zead Ibrahim

    Researcher z_ibrahim_zead@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Ahmed Shokry Elshaer

    Researcher Astrophysics
    Diaa Al Din Abd el Rady
    Researcher diafouda@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Gmal Al Din Mohamed
    Researcher gamaledin@gmail.comAstrophysics
    Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed El-Sadek Researcher sadek2001eg@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Said KotbResearcher msd300@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Ahmed Nakhlawy Hussein
    PhD Studenta_nakh_astro@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Esmail
    PhD Student / Engineer.eng.m_esmail@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Amal Sayed

    PhD Studentamalsayd88@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Islam HelmyPhD Student / Eng. islam_helmy89@hotmail.comAstrophysics
    Mohamad Hassan Mohamad El DepsPhD Studentm_deps2000@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Samah Elessawy
    PhD Studentsamahessawy1122@gmail.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Shaban
    PhD Studentastromohamed@yahoo.comAstrophysics
    Mohamed Abdelkareem
    PhD Student / Eng. mohamed.abdelkareem@nriag.sci.egAstrophysics

    Research Interests


    • Study of star formation and evolutions
    • Study of eclipsing variable stars
    • Model atmospheres of hot stars
    • Spectroscopic of stars
    • Radio Astronomy
    • Observational astronomy
    • Observation and study of eclipsing binaries
    • Image processing and Data Analysis
    • Celestial mechanics
    • Dynamical systems
    • Perturbation techniques
    • Orbit perturbations
    • Perturbing forces

    Physics of Stars Group

    While stellar materials are not the bulk of the Galaxy, they are highly significant. Within the standard table of elements, several natural elements are synthesized into stars. Stars motion shows the space force on scales from planetary systems to galaxies. A light emerges from a disk of gas deposits, probably associated with a solar structure. Stars survive if it needs to consume their nuclear fuel and dies with a knock or they gradually leave and restores much of the star content to the earth.

    The group may be divided into four main branches:

    • Spectroscopic and photometric studies of variable stars.
    • Model atmosphere analysis of stellar spectra.
    • Modeling stellar atmospheres and interiors.
    • Stellar evolution and star formation.

    Celestial Mechanics and Space Dynamics Research Group

    Celestial Mechanics is a branch from Astronomy or Applied Mathematics. It is covering many topics, but the major is studying the dynamics of celestial objects. It is the branch of astronomy that deals with the motions of objects in outer space. Historically, Celestial Mechanics applies principles of physics to astronomical objects, such as stars and planets, to produce ephemeris data. But the term of either Space Dynamics or Astrodynamics is often used to refer to the dynamics of artificial satellites motion. While Dynamical Astronomy is a much broader term, which, in addition to Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics, is usually interpreted to include all aspects of celestial body motion (e.g., rotation, tidal evolution, mass and mass distribution determinations for stars and galaxies, fluid motions in nebulas, and so forth).

    Astronomical Engineering Group

    Astronomical engineering is a branch in the stellar astronomy lab which is responsible for all of the astronomical telescopes and the instruments attached to them. It also deals with thin film doping as well as mirror coatings using highly advanced aluminizing plant at Kottamia Observatory. The plant is operated by the up to date SIEMENS Programmable Logic Control (PLC). Engineers at the stellar lab can do research and implement any industrial engineering operations that use image processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques. Moreover, the branch is making collaboration between engineering and scientific staff at NRIAG in the fields of site testing and astronomical instrumentations, data reduction, and astronomical software development.


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