General Seismology Lab.

prof. Eman Farag Abu ElNader
Head of General Seismology lab.

General Seismology laboratory


Management and development of the Egyptian Strong Motion Network to reduce the risk in the delta cities, caused by earthquakes in the active sources like Dahshour,  Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez. Also, conducting shallow seismic surveys for deducing the reliable geotechnical design and engineering parameters that are needed for sustainable construction.


Conducting research and scientific thesis related to the study of earthquakes and the resulting risks in order to provide a scientific reference for decision-makers. Also, involvement in local and international projects, professional engineering consultancy for construction companies. Community awareness work for the public such as schools and universities is another vital mission. Conducting international training courses for Arab countries is an important mission as a way of transferring technical experience in the field of seismology.

No.NameTitleE-mailField of Study
Eman Fareg Abu ElNader

Associate Professor - Director of General seismological labememan70@yahoo.comSeismotectonics, Site effect, Source parameters
Hesham Hussein Mohamed Moussa
Prof. of seismology - Director of ENDChesham@nriag.sci.egSeismology
3Ali Ahmed GharibProfessor Emeritusaagharib@hotmail.comModeling Seismology
4Saud Abdelhady Abdallah Professor Emeritussaudabdallah@hotmail.comEngineering Seismology.
Mohamed EL-Amin Mohamed

Professor EmeritusSeismology
Medhat Mohamed Elrayess

Researcher medhatelrayess@yahoo.comSite characterization
Asem Mostafa Taha Mohamed

Researcher asem_mostafa2001@yahoo.comEngineering Seismology, Seismic hazard (Tsunami-modelling)
Shaimaa Ali Mamoun Khair Khater

Assistant Researchershaimaa_nriag@yahoo.comSeismology
Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Aal El-Dabaa

Assistant ( deformation & Strong motion & Seismic Hazard
10Emad Badereldeen Abdelaziz Helal

Assistant Researcheremadbader2011@gmail.comEngineering Seismology.
Mohamed Mohamed Elsayed

Assistant Researchersayed.mohamed9870@yahoo.comEarthquake geology, Seismotectonic and Tsunami.
12Ibrahim Ahmed YousefResearcher AssistantSeismology
Hend Lotfy Abdel ElHakeem

Researcher Assistanthendlotfy23@yahoo.comSeismology


-Studying the earthquake activity in the Arab Republic of Egypt

– Following-up of the earthquake activity through the National Seismic

Network data and Egyptian Strong Motion Network.

– Studying the phenomena that arise from the occurrence of earthquakes

such as cracks, faults, and tsunami.

– Cooperation with the international institutes and Egyptian universities

having similar scientific interests.

– Participation in local and international research projects and

geotechnical consultancy.

– Makes reports for earthquakes with magnitudes  greater than or equal 5

which were recorded by Strong Motion Network.

-Borehole seismic measurements.

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