Solar and Space

Prof. Dr. Makram Ibrahim
Head of Solar and Space Research Department

Solar and Space Research Department

It is considered as a natural extension for the Egyptian ancient history in the field of the astronomical record, exploration of the universe and studies the nature of the ground. It has been thousands of years ago since the ancient Egyptians started looking to the sky and monitor the movements of the sun and the moon and the celestial bodies and though there is a relation between the existence of the earth and the sky and knew that the sun is in control of a lot of natural phenomena on the earth.


The Solar and Space Research Department is consists of two Laboratories, the Solar Research Laboratory and the Space Research Laboratory. Each of them contains many of the scientific units. There is a convergence in the goals and visions between the two labs.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghitas
Deputy of the Department

Laboratories of Solar and Space Department 

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