What's New
  • Dome of Kottamya Observatory

  • Discovery of Variable Stars

  • Total Ecllipse of 2006

  • Satellites laser Ranger

  • Magnetic and Remote Sensing at Dahsour

  • Ground water Inspection

  • sattelite gravity

  • Global Geoid

  • GPS Geodetic Network

  • King Farouk visit to Helwan (1944)


Virtual Heritage Cairo's 1st International Conference

Towards Virtual Environments for Middle East's Cultural Heritage

Virtual Heritage Cairo’s 1st International Conference will be held on 20th of Feb 2017 at National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics

The Arab Conference On Astronomy and Geophysics

The Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics was  opened on  Monday 17th of October

Please visit www.acag-conf.org for more information…


Construction of 3 seismic station along Gulf of Aqaba

Part of NRIAG ongoing activities in the mitigation of earthquake effects in Egypt a team of 6 Seismologists from the National Strong Motion Network is conducting site selection and establishment of 3 stations on the Egyptian shores of the Seismically Active Gulf of Aqaba……

Also you can see the news at YOUM7.com



Recent Activities

Connecting the electricity to the  station
Naweba strongmotion station

New perspectives of continental Magnetic and Magnetotelluric studies in Africa in cooperation with CRAAG in Algeria

There is a set of magnetic observatories distributed in Africa starting from Hermanus in South Africa in the south to Misallat in Egypt in the north and from Misallat in the east to Tamanrasset in the west. New studies are going in frame of cooperation between Egypt and African countries to share the data of observatories in global studies of magnetospheric variations. This would lead to improved abilities to study the differential onset of magnetic storms in Africa by comparing Observatories of common longitudes. On the other hand observatories located at same latitudes would provide information simulating time variation of magnetic events by using simultaneous records at different longitudes and equal latitudes.


Moreover, Magnetotelluric measurements provide information about the earth’s crust down to its lower boundary. By implementing magnetotelluricinstruments regional crustal maps can be constructed for the depth to the lower boundary, sedimentary basins, oil bearing location as well as ground water monitoring for agricultural development in the continent. Results of preliminary tests between Egypt and Algeria is presented as an Example

The visit of the president of NRIAG to the University of science Malaysia

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The African Seismological Commission 1st general Assembly AFSC 2016

For more details : http://afsc2016.org/

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Pictures Part 2

Pictures Part3

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