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Astronomical Site Selection Workshop for Egyptian Large Optical Telescope. The development of Astronomy in emerging ELOT, where the development of astronomy In Egypt and middle East is more and more topical, and where Egypt is always in the top of Arabic region. It is so important to Construction a new large telescope suitable for the position of Scientifics’ Egyptian position. We would like to organize a workshop dedicated to the characterization of astronomical sites in Egypt

The aim of this workshop is to draw up a roadmap on how to identify geographical areas that could lead to potential sites to host ELOT: We would like to let benefit astronomers in this region from experiences carried out elsewhere, particularly from the site selection programs in the framework of the Egyptian Large Optical Telescope


– Astronomical optical turbulence

– Sky Transparency

– Sky Darkness

– Light Pollution

– Weather Conditions

– Astroclimatic Stations (with technical session)

– Site Surveys

Date: June 9-10, 2020

Place: National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Helwan, Cairo Egypt

Duration: 2 days

Invited Speakers:

  • Gamal Eldin Nageeb (NRIAG)
  • Casiana Muñoz-Tuñon (IAC)
  • Marc Sarazin (ESO)
  • Sergio Ortolani (UNI-Pd)
  • Jose Rodriguez-Espinosa (IAC)
  • Benkhaldoun Zouhair (UCA/ArAS)
  • David Valls-Gabaud (OP)

Join meeting:

Organizing committee:

  1. Prof. Hadia Selim
  2. Prof. Mohamed Nooh
  3. Prof. Ashraf Lateef
  4. Assoc. Prof. Elbaz
  5. Mr. Mohamed Shaban
  6. Mr. Mohamed Said
  7. Ms. Mona Molhem


Organizer phone: 01091014984