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The Transient Universe
Workshop : Patents Right
The Transient Universe
Meteorites Workshop
Sun Orthogonality Phenomenon

Astronomy News

Capture the First Picture in History for a Black Hole

  أول صورة في التاريخ لثقب أسود في قلب مجرة خارجية تقع على بعد 55 مليون سنة ضوئية من الارض .. تم رصد هذه الصورة...

Solar and Space News

The Meteorological Station in Helwan, which belongs to the Solar Research...

On Tuesday, 24-4-2018, the Meteorological Station in Helwan has reached the extreme rain. The precipitation rate was 300 mm/h at  9:00 pm exactly. The...

Seismology News

Earthquake Alert

Our phone system is being updated and this may affect in our phone numbers , In case of feeling any earthquake please don't hesitate to...

Geomagnetic and Geoelectric

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