17 C
Cairo, EG
Monday, December 10, 2018

        Prof. Kamal Sakr 
  Head of Geodynamic Department

Geodynamic Department

Geodynamic Department is considered one of the recent department  at National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics. The department consists of two laboratories; Crustal Movement laboratory and Gravity Laboratory.

The main goals of the department are studding the recent geodynamic processing in Egypt and their relation to seismic activities using Geodetic networks and gravity measurements. By establishment of the Geodetic Network to monitor recent crustal movements of seismo-active  and  vital areas in Egypt.  Determine the movements of the earth’s crust by means of Terrestrial Geodetic and Space techniques of the Egyptian territory in huge areas and engineering constructions such as dams, bridges, factories, roads, railways, towers, tunnels, nuclear power plants and pipelines, which are an important part of the national economy.

Recently, Conducting three-dimensional laser surveying or scanning for tunnels, archaeological areas and important buildings in Egypt using mobile and terrestrial  laser scanning.

In the field of gravity, the department is consider the only one in Egypt specializing in the field of gravity and its various applications in geodesy and applied geophysics. The department interested with the applications of the gravity in Geodesy and geodynamics and different applications of satellite gravimetry.

      Laboratories of Geodynamic Department