During the 6th Arab Conference on Astronomy and Geophysics, NRIAG hosted a successful school on Advanced Modeling of Seismic Hazard in Africa with participation from different countries (Egypt, Algeria, Indonesia, Tunisia, and Cameroon). Thanks a lot to the instructors of the training: Prof. Fabio Romanelli (University of Trieste, Italy ) Dr. Franco Vacari (University of Trieste, Italy ) Dr. Hany Hassan (University of Trieste & NRIAG )
During the school, the participants learned how to perform parametric tests showing the effect of the earthquake source mechanism and soil properties on the ground shaking observed; generate ground shaking scenarios for earthquakes with user-designed characteristics (magnitude, location, mechanism etc); model multiple realisations of the rupturing process of a fault, to investigate its influence on the obtained ground motion, with statistical analysis on the response spectra obtained from the synthetic accelerograms and the definition of the Maximum Credible Seismic Input (MCSI). At the end of the school, Prof. Claudio Margottini (Italian scientific attache) and Prof. Gad El-Qady (Vice-President of NRIAG) have attended the closing ceremony. Also, they have delivered the certificates to the participants.
Finally, many thanks for the organization team from NRIAG (Hazem, Islam, and Mona) and all kind of supports that made the successfulness of the school.