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New Valley University receives a scientific delegation from NRIAG

Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Tantawi, President of New Valley University, received the president of the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysic (NRIAG),  Prof. Dr. Gad El-Qadi, and the accompanying delegation to his Excellency, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Harbawy, Dean of the College of Science, and members of the Faculties of Science and Agriculture. Tantawi, President of the University, welcomed Dr. Gad Al-Qadi, and his delegation members. This visit comes within the framework of coordination and cooperation between the Institute and the University.  Prof. Dr. Gad El-Qady, President of the Institute, reviewed the history of the institute, the departments it includes, and the role of each of them in serving comprehensive development, as well as the seismic stations and their role in community service. The university president confirmed that the joint scientific committees from the university and NRIAG continue their work to explain what these emissions are and their causes. Also discussed the work of a cooperation agreement between the New Valley University and NRIAG to establish a regional center for scientific and technical consultations for the development of the New Valley.

Tantawi, explained that a cooperation agreement between the university and  NRIAG will be signed within the next few days to establish the Regional Center for Scientific and Technical Consultation for the Development of the New Valley in the presence of Major General Mohamed Al-Zamalout, Governor of the New Valley, and relevant authorities in the governorate. The center aims primarily to support constructive and fruitful cooperation between researchers from both parties and link them to comprehensive and sustainable development in accordance with the Egypt 2030 vission.

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