Kottamia Observatory (New Observations)

The name of Egypt and the Kottamia Observatory are called ten stars in the sky and recorded in the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). Also, gamma burst stars are detected and recorded by the NASA Space Agency as one of the discoveries and observations of Kottamia Observatory, they are as following:

1- KAO-EGYPT J064512.06+341749.2  A. Essam (2013-04-23)

2- KAO-EGYPT J155828.08-025753.6   A. Essam (2014-06-28)

3- KAO-EGYPT J200046.39+054747.7   Darwish, M. S., Shokry, A. and El Sadek, M. A. (2016-08-21)

4- KAO-EGYPT J200107.70+054221.6  A. El-Sadek, A. Essam, M. S. Darwish, A. Shokry, M. Ismail (2016-10-23)

5- KAO-EGYPT J214258.21+440520.2  A.Essam, M. A. ElSadek, G. M. Hamed,  M. Shaban, and Doaa El-Sayed (2016-10-27)

6- KAO-EGYPT J225702.44+523222.1  Shokry; M. Eldepsy; S. Saad; M. Darwish and I. Zead (2016-11-07)

7- KAO-EGYPT J222516.76+362017.8   Saad; M. Darwish; M. Eldepsy; A. Shokry; F. Elnagahy and I. Helmy (2016-11-14)

8- KAO-EGYPT J214216.38+440015.1  A. El-Sadek, A. Essam, G. M. Hamed, and M. Shaban (2016-11-20)

9- KAO-EGYPT J231534.74+595740   S. Drwish, I. Zead, S. M. Saad and A. Shokry (2017-09-05)

10- KAO-EGYPT J231639.27+595223.04  S. Drwish, I. Zead, S. M. Saad and M. Hassn Eldepsy (2017-09-11)

  • GRB 160925A  G. B. Ali, Y. Hendy, A. Takey, N. Essam, and A. Essam (2016-10-06)
  • GRB 170728B  G. B. Ali, Y. Hendy, A. Takey, N. Essam, and A. Essam (2017-09-27)


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Kottamia Observatory (New Observations)

by Prof. Ashraf Tadross time to read: 1 min