ACE/EPAM Electron event catalog


Electron Event Catalog

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This catalog lists the electron enhancements from the ACE/EPAM instrument since 1997 in two energy channels. The catalog is organized as a table that presents the solar energetic particles (electrons) observed during solar cycle 23 (1996-2008) and solar cycle 24 (2009-2019). The catalog provides the following information: onset, peak times (in UT), peak electron intensity, and onset-to-peak electron fluence at 103-175 keV energy channel and also the peak electron intensity, and the onset-to-peak fluence at 175-315 keV energy channel. In addition, the solar sources (flares and coronal mass ejections) of the electron events are identified, where possible, with their properties noted. Furthermore, intensity and onset-to-peak fluence of the the associated solar energetic proton events (which have the same solar origin of the solar energetic electrons) at two energy channels; 19-28 MeV and 28-72 MeV, are listed.  The properties of proton events are taken from Miteva R., Samwel S.W., Costa_Durate M.V., The Wind/EPACT Proton Event Catalog (1996-2016), 2018, Sol. Phy., 293: 27. Further information is given as a comment. Extensions of the catalog (or corrections if needed) will appear regularly online. 

  • Explanatory notes:
    • Electron data: from CDAweb database provided with 12-sec time resolution.
    • Onset time (UT): identified as the time of 3-sigma intensity value above pre-event level. 
    • Peak time (UT): identified at the maximum of the particle profile (local enhancements are not considered).
    • Je (cm2 s sr keV) −1: peak electron intensity after subtraction of the pre-event level 
    • Fe (cm2 s sr keV) −1: Onset- to- peak electron fluence 
    • Jp (cm2 s sr MeV) −1: Peak proton intensity after subtraction of the pre-event level 
    • Fp (cm2 s sr MeV) −1: Onset- to- peak proton fluence 
    • The reported here onset/peak times and Je are based on 5-point smoothed data.
  • Abbreviations:
    • no: no event identified
    • nd: next day
    • pd: previous day
    • u: uncertain
    • gap: data gap
    • v: Visual

                        If you want to use the data in a paper, book, or any other kind of electronic publication, please give credit to:  ACE/EPAM electron event catalog (

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