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Hejri calendar 1439

[td_block_trending_now] Hejri Calendar 1439 Hejri  calendar book for 1439 is edited and revised by Prof.Dr. Mohamed Gharib and Prof.Dr. Rabab Helal ,Solar and space department under supervision of Prof.Dr Hatem Hamdy Odah ,Head of National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics(NRIAG) The Content Download the book of Hejri calendar 1439 

Earthquake Alert

Earthquake Alert.Our phone system is being updated and this may affect in our phone numbers , In case of feeling any earthquake please don't hesitate to contact to the following numbers: 1- Prof.Dr. Hatem Ouda              01069810097 2- Prof.Dr. Ahmed Badawy          01001008089 3- Prof.Dr. Abdelaziz Khairy  

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