The Fourth Spectroscopy Winter School SWS-4

The Fourth Spectroscopy Winter School (SWS-4), 30 January to 07 February 2022,  Egypt


Under the Auspices of


Prof. Mohamed Lotfi

Prof. Gad El-Qady

Prof. Emad Ewais

President of

The British University in Egypt, BUE

President of

The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, NRIAG

President of

The Central Metallurgical Research& Development Institute, CMRDI


Coordinator: Prof. Hanan Elhaes

Chairman: Prof. Medhat Ibrahim

Prof of Materials Science, Ain Shams University

Director of Nanotechnology Research Center, NTRC

The British University in Egypt, BUE


Nano Club is providing expertise and consultancy covering the theory and applications of Nano scale science. The Nano Club is acting as an interdisciplinary club managed entirely by the Nanotechnology Research Center, NTRC at BUE. The club is  hosting this year the Fourth Spectroscopy Winter School, SWS-4.The School is coming this year as a joint collaboration between NTRC and the Nano unit at NRIAG, together with the CMRADI.

Vibrational spectroscopy is a non-destructive well-known method for identification of substances. It measures the vibrational energy in a compound. Each compound will have a unique fingerprint, as it owns unique vibrational energy. There are two well-known types of vibrational spectroscopy namely Infrared and Raman. They are typically used in connection with each other to get a more complete picture of the compounds. Accordingly, the  school will be focusing on application of spectroscopy in the field of nanotechnology.

Another tool will be fulfilled to specify the vibrational spectroscopy together with Infrared and Raman, which is molecular modeling. So that, this winter school will be concerned with Vibrational assignment using quantum mechanical molecular modeling calculations at Ab Initio and Density Functional Theory methods.

The overall aims from this winter school are to gather the theoretical and technical aspects of spectroscopy.

Organizing Committee: 

                              NRIAG                                                           BUE                                                             CMRADI

                    Prof. Rasha Ghoneim                              Prof. Osama Osman                                  Prof. Aliaa Salem

                    Prof. Maroof Hegazy                           Prof. Abdelaziz Mahmoud

                    Dr. Hend Ezzat                                         Prof. Mohamed Sleim

                    Mr. Islam Hawash